Submission Guidelines for Authors

  • 1. The Korean Journal of Linguistics (KJL) is published four times a year based on the following schedule.

    Publication Date Manuscript Deadline
    Issue 1 March 31 January 31
    Issue 2 June 30 April 30
    Issue 3 September 30 July 31
    Issue 4 December 31 October 31

  • 2. Manuscript submission is limited to the members of the Linguistic Society of Korea (LSK). Non-members can register as members before submitting a manuscript. Membership registration is available on the LSK website (, and inquiries about membership should be directed to the LSK office (

  • 3. When submitting a new manuscript, it is acceptable for the author(s) not to follow the specific editorial format, and a generally accepted paper-writing format is permitted. When submitting a revised or final version of the manuscript after the completion of the review process, the author(s) must follow the paper-editing format presented as HWP or WORD templates on the KJL website.

  • 4. The KJL accepts manuscripts written in English or Korean. Basic bibliographic information (title, author(s), affiliation(s), volume, issue, and pages) and abstracts must be written in English.

  • 5. When submitting a paper, the author(s) must sign and submit the pledge of research ethics through the Journal & Article Management System (JAMS) of the KJL (

  • 6. Copyright Transfer Agreement

    • (1) When submitting a manuscript to the KJL, all authors must confirm full compliance with research ethics regulations and transfer of copyright by completing and submitting a written consent form to the Editorial Board of the Linguistic Society of Korea.

    • (2) Authors further warrant that they did not engage in research misconduct including but not limited to forgery, falsification, plagiarism, unfair authorship, and duplication of other data, submissions, or published work.

    • (3) Authors agree that they are solely responsible for the content of the manuscript and the use of any materials, including data, figures, and tables used therein.

    • (4) Upon publication of their manuscript in the Korean Journal of Linguistics, the authors agree to transfer all rights, including copyright and digital copyright, to the Linguistic Society of Korea. Accordingly, when the published manuscript is distributed or its content incorporated into other works, the Linguistic Society of Korea must be expressly named as the copyright holder.